1. Download the application from the provided link or from:
    The file occupies about 373 kbytes.
  2. For greater security, check the size and SHA-1 or SHA-256 hash values (digests) of the downloaded Spa.jar file against the tabulated values given in the initial Spa page. Do not compute the hashes with the downloaded Spa.jar file. Instead, compute them with your own trusted utility.

    File size is a primary indicator of validity; check that the file sizes match exactly before calculating any hash!

    Most operating systems contain software to compute the file hashes.

    • In Windows 10 PowerShell Get-Filehash can provide the hashes. For example,
      Get-Filehash -path ./Spa.jar -algo SHA1
      Get-Filehash -path ./Spa.jar -algo SHA256
      provides the SHA-1 and SHA-256 hashes, respectively, when executed in the same directory as Spa.jar.
    • On Mac OSX and Linux-based systems the command line utility openssl can provide the hashes. For example,
      openssl dgst -sha1 Spa.jar
      openssl dgst -sha256 Spa.jar
      provides the indicated hashes when executed in the same directory as Spa.jar.

  3. Start the program by double-clicking on the Spa.jar file. The Spa disclaimer window should appear on your screen. Read and accept the disclaimer. The true random password generator, Trap, requires additional installation described in its Help menu.
  4. If nothing happens when Spa.jar is double-clicked, continue by installing the free Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your machine. The full Java Development Kit is not needed.

    1. Download the free JRE software from:
    2. Double click on the downloaded JRE file and answer the questions it asks.

  5. Click on the Spa.jar file again.

14 March 2021