Compact jpg viewer

Double-click on the image to choose a jpg file on your machine for viewing.

To have all the features of this application, please download Viewer.jar and run it locally with Java. The image window can then be moved and resized in the usual way. Exit the application with the usual window closing box or with a SHIFT-double-click.

The initial image is taken from a jpg file in the home directory with preference to one having the name 'Default.jpg'. Otherwise, the internal image, shown here on first access, is displayed.

Your browser lacks the required, free Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and plugin.

Install the Java JRE and the plugin or download the Viewer.jar file for offline operation.

A version for the Android operating system is available at the Google Play Store as the free Image viewer exercise app. While you're there, pickup and install the required OI File Manager.

Both Viewer.apk and FileManager-2.0.5.apk are available here, too.